X-ray streak camera

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Temporal resolution: 15 ps
  • Photocathode: CsI

An x-ray streak camera recording one-dimensional x-ray images with a spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and energy in the range of 100 um, 15 ps, and 100 eV ~ 5 keV, respectively, was built. The streak tube is made of a standard ISO100 Tee vacuum tube. The streak tube is in high vacuum by attaching a turbo pump via the KF40 flange on the top. Electrical signals are connected to the streak tube through the top flange as well. The cross sections of the streak camera are also shown below. A pinhole imaging system suitable for x rays is used. Depending on different experiments, the pinhole and the filter are both exchangeable. The holder of the pinhole and the filter and the front flange can be redesigned to adapt to the flange of the main vacuum chamber. The magnification is 1x and is exchangeable by changing the distance between the pinhole and the slit. A space between the accelerating electrode and the sweep electrodes is saved for focusing solenoid in the future. The images on the phosphor are taken by a camera via lens coupling.

Following is the block diagram of the streak camera. Red arrows and black arrows in the the figure represent the signal path of the trigger and the control signal, respectively. The whole system will be powered by either batteries or an external DC power supply and connected to a controlling computer via USB ber cable so that the system will be electrically insulated from the power ground and the computer.