Congratulate to Liu, Che-Yu for being awarded an Outstanding poster in section Accelerator Physics/ Instrumentation Development.
Title: Development of a fast high-voltage pulse generator.
Congratulate to Kuo, Ming-Hsiang for being awarded an excellent poster in section Plasma Physics.
Title: Study of angular momentum in rotating plasma disk generated from head-on collisions of two rotating plasma jets.
2021/4/4The name of the laboratory was changed from "Pulsed-Plasma Generator for Space Science (PGS)" to "Pulsed-Plasma Laboratory (PPL)".
(Distinction award of Innovative research and development results by young scholars in Taiwan comprehensive university system in 2020)
2020/10/21Our paper on "Rail-gap switch with a multistep high-voltage triggering system" was accepted by Review of Scientific Instruments.
2020/9/28獲得108 學年度教學優良教師。
(Excellent teacher in 2019)
2019/12/20Congratulate to Chen, Kuo-Yi for his paper being accepted by Plasma Sources Science and Technology.
(Best Poster Award in the annual meeting of Aeronautics and Astronautics Program, Taiwan Nov 2019)
2019/10/2Full system with 1 kJ @ 20 kV delivering ~100 kA in ~1us was built!
2019/6/19Congratulate to Lai, Bo-Wei for his Most undergraduate proposal being granted.
2019/6/5Congratulate Cheng, Kuo-Yi for being accepted to the Ph.D. program at Tsinghua University, Beijing.
2019/6/5Congratulate Yeh, I-Lin for being accepted to Ph.D. programs at Oxford University, University of California San Diego, Wisconsin Madison, University of Colorado Boulder, and Dartmouth College.
2018/7/13Two-year grant proposal to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been granted!
2017/12/ 1Yeh, I-Lin is accepted to ISAPS.
2017/ 4/17Yeh, I-Lin is accepted to ASIAA summer student program.
2017/12/16Three-year grant proposal to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been granted!