Goal of educations

Attitude determines everything!!!

PhD students:

People with PhD degree should be able to do independent research/project and lead a team. Addition to the training for master students, they will be trained to lead a small team and writing grant under the proper mentored in the last year before graduation. I also strongly encourage students to do research aboard for at least one year before graduation. You may expect at least 5 years to finish all the training before getting the PhD degree.

Master students:

People with Master’s degree should be able to give good presentations, reading and writing good reports and solving a giving problem independently. Students will be well trained for hands-on experiments or developing codes. Besides the research skills, students will learn how to cooperate with each other. They will be trained to have good communication skills between students at present as well as skills on reading and writing biannual progress reports and thesis to continue the works from the former students and pass the knowledge to the new coming students. Presentation skills will also be trained via presenting their work in national or international conferences.

Undergraduate students:

People with Bachelor’s degree should have good basic skills/knowledge as well as capable of giving good presentations and writing good reports. Students will spend most of the time reading and practicing either doing hands-on experiments or developing code. A small project will be assigned and conducted with good guidance.