2020/8/18 Plasma jets generated by conical-wire arrays.

2020/7/30 Rail-gap switch – multichannel.

2020/1/20 First plasma jet generated by a conical-wire array.

2019/11/1 We finally started assembling the streak camera. 

2019/10/2 Full system with 1 kJ @ 20 kV delivering ~100 kA in ~1us!
Time for science!!!

2019/9/6 Two wings with 3 bricks in each of them! One more step to finish the system (5 bricks in each wing, i.e., 10 bricks storing 1 kJ in total!)


2019/8/21 First shot with two synchronized rail-gap switches.

2018/10/22,24 High voltage trigger pulse generator using a three-stage Marx generator and Rail-gap switch got triggered

2018/9/10 High voltage/current feed through vacuum test

2018/7/4 Rail-gap switch first try – not good enough but positive

2018/5/29 Quartz vacuum chamber

2018/5/29 High voltage relay

2018/5/23 Experiments – Breakdown test

2018/5/23 Experiments – Little Marx